A Barbour Is A Girls Best Friend

For a few years now, I have envied those sporting a Barbour jacket. Not only do they look smart, they offer a classic look which is surprisingly versatile.

Whilst browsing online, I stumbled across a site I hadn’t heard of before: http://www.repertoirefashion.co.uk who stocked some amazing brands such as Barbour and Ted Baker.

Since opening it’s first stores over 18 years ago, Repertoire has established itself as a leading independent retailer of major designer labels. Based in the South of England, the company also operates online with a very easy to navigate ecommerce site.

There were many Barbour jackets to look through in the Women’s section, and as soon as I saw the Navy International Quilt Jacket I knew I had to have it.















This lightweight jacket is the Spring version of the polar quilt jacket, which is slightly thinner yet maintains the Barbour heritage with the patch pockets and adjustable belt. I chose navy so it can be worn every season – black can sometimes look a little harsh in the summer months for me.

I style this jacket in so, so many ways – with leggings, jeans, midi skirts, dresses – it always completes my look. It looks feminine yet smart when coupled with a colourful floral dress during the day and keeps me warm on my walk into work each morning. In contrast, I have worn this for long, winter walks with wellies and a cosy jumper. It’s so warm and snug, you don’t tend to need a scarf, but I find added a lightweight one always adds something a little different to the outfit. The quality is so spectacular that this jacket magically (somehow) manages to keep your temperature stable, whatever the weather. I often get hot and flustered (when shopping of course!) yet I never need to take my Barbour jacket off #win

Barbour Repertoire Fashion













I was super impressed with Repertoire Fashion in terms of their speed of delivery and quality of packaging. The prices are good too and there are often discounts and offers available. Plus, you can get 10% off your Barbour jacket at Repertoire Fashion by using the promo code STEVO10 at http://www.repertoirefashion.co.uk

Here are a few more pics of me styling the jacket in various ways for work and weekend…


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