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 Diversified Manufacturing 
and Services, LLC.
Serving the electronics manufacturing market. 
 You have a need. We have a solution.
About us
In 1989, Diversified Engineering was founded, offered a broad range of contract engineering and design services. Customers who were satisfied with their services requested that they also handle their manufacturing. In 2006, Diversified Manufacturing and Services, llc became a separate business entity with a focus on the assembly and support of electronic circuit boards.

Diversified Manufacturing and Services, LLC (DMS), located in Milford, CT, is now a full service electronic contract manufacturing facility specializing in electronic and electromechanical assemblies. We provide custom electronic circuit boards and assemblies to your specifications.

Simply put, our focus is on electronic manufacturing, customer service and satisfaction. We partner with our customers by maintaining an open and personable channel of communication, building trust and providing the services they expect while keeping costs down.

Diversified Manufacturing presently utilizes a full line of updated, automated equipment including Juki RS-1 pick and place for surface mount placement, Heller 7 zone reflow oven, Mirtec AOI (automated optical inspection) for verification of proper component value, placement and solder joints, Electrovert Vectra for through hole components along with factory trained operators.

Our Commitment to you
The success of our company depends on the success of yours.

Whether you’re going to market with a new product, looking for competitive quotes or keeping your present contract manufacturer “honest”, we simply ask for an opportunity to quote. If we feel we could provide the services you require, then we’ll provide a competitive quote. In rare instances, a job may require specialized equipment we don’t currently possess. We’ll either invest in an upgrade (if it makes sense) or appreciate the opportunity but will decline to quote.

As a customer, your end goal is on time delivery of working products at an acceptable price from a reliable supplier that will partner up and seamlessly work alongside your company. You should expect nothing less.

Customers come and go and products get phased out over time in this business. Diversified Manufacturing has never lost a customer due to quality, performance or lead time issues. We support the products we manufacture. As a company, we’re always looking to continuously improve.

Product quality and on time delivery is my direct responsibility.

Drew Bocco
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