Eve Lom Makeup Review

Eve Lom Makeup Review

Boy, am I excited! Eve Lom launched a makeup range in February this year to compliment and complete their outstanding skincare range. I’ve been a huge fan of Eve Lom since I tried their famous cleanser when I was 20 years old. Their cleanser, priced at £55, is world famous for a reason – this product cleared up my congested skin within weeks and is so easy to use. It is a melt on balm cleanser which you massage in and remove with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water. The scent, the texture and the effects make it my favourite cleanser; but the thing I love most is I don’t need to exfoliate, tone or moisturise separately. The only downside for me personally is the cost – the product lasts around 4 months if used daily but is quite hefty for a single gal with a mortgage to maintain on her own! I haven’t actually used this for about a year for this reason, but as soon as I have any extra cash – that’s where it’s going!

Another favourite of theirs, is ‘Dynaspot‘. At £22, this spot treatment truly does zap those zits overnight. It’s not too drying and feels very calming on aggravated skin. My ultimate desire from the range though, has to be the TLC moisturiser. I received a small sachet sample of this about a year ago from Space NK and fell in love. When applied before bedtime, this magic cream (which smells of lush roses) transforms your skin – I awoke to fresh and plumped skin. This is another product on my wish list for when I get rich :)

On to the makeup now. I gratefully received a sample each of the radiance primer, cover concealer and tinted moisturiser and have been using these for around 4 weeks now. Besides the packaging being undeniably cute and chic, the ingredients and effects of their complexion range really are up there at the top. Here are my thoughts…

The primer is definitely within my top 3 all time primers. It’s a fairly runny consistency and has a pearl effect to it. I apply as I would a moisturiser, and really massage this in. It tends to dry by the time I am rubbing it into my neck area and dries to a luminous glow. If I didn’t have pigmentation or blemishes I would certainly wear this alone. The staying power of your makeup after applying this is really strong, which is the main purpose of the product, but what I enjoyed most about this product is the lasting glow it gives. Priced at £40, it ain’t cheap but that’s because you get what you pay for.

The reason I reach for this primer over others these days, is because it feels like skincare not makeup.

 As primer is the first step to makeup, it’s soaking into your skin so you want it to be made of good stuff – and this ticks all the boxes. Packed with vitamins A and E and pure ingredients such as rose, I know it is doing my skin some good each day.

Next up, the tinted moisturiser priced £48. The sample I received was No 9. Wheat, and although the concealer of this shade is fairly dark, I found this was a little too light for my complexion – I would probably try shade No. 10 Bamboo when I repurchase. As with the primer, this is like a skincare treatment. Rich in antioxidants, it also contains BerryFlux Vita™ which stimulates the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration throughout the day. For me, this product looks and feels more like a BB cream than a tinted moisturiser, so as I like coverage I have actually been applying this as such, and adding a foundation on top. It does give a really nice no makeup finish, but for me I need more coverage.The primer works perfectly with this tinted moisturiser, and I have noticed that using this product alone doesn’t give as good effects as when the primer is applied first – when used together you are left with a beautiful, natural glow.

Finally, the concealer. Available in 6 shades, priced at £30 and arriving in the most stunning, classy packaging, this product is a great touch up option to carry in your purse. I was sent shade No. 5 Wheat which is too dark for me – a little orangey too. So, I feel No. 4 Linen would be better, or even No. 3 Beige as I like to use concealer over the eyelids and under the eye area to brighten. The consistency is ultra creamy and silky and gives  a stunning result. I would say this is best for dry skintypes in need of some extra hydration. I like it a lot, but for me I want something a bit heavier so I can use it on blemishes too.

Overall, I am impressed with this range, but quite frankly never doubted that I wouldn’t love it. For me, it’s all about the fact the products act as skincare as so many complexion products out there are packed full of nasties.

The full range of products can be seen here on their lovely site; it includes the Radiance Lift Foundation which I am really intrigued to try as I have heard amazing things of this and want to see how the coverage and longevity is for me. I can only imagine I will fall in love.

Eve Lom Discovery Gift Set

If you are new to Eve Lom, I suggest you purchase their discovery gift set for only £22. In it, you will receive small samples of the famous cleanser (complete with muslin cloth), the TLC cream I mentioned earlier and their outstanding Rescue Mask which makes your skin look photoshop’d and great before a night out.

I’d love to know what your favourite Eve Lom products are as I haven’t tried them all and would love to experience their entire range. If you agree that their cleanser is the world’s greatest, why not vote for them in the Sunday Times Style Awards? I have :) Apply here.

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