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Today I am writing a post on how to achieve a glowing look for Spring with just 3 key make up products. This is part of a competition for Superdrug for a chance to win a feature on and across their social networks – wow, would I love that :) All they ask is to write a post choosing 3 make up products to create a trend look – easy!

So, as you all know I love rosy cheeks. If I was to chose only one make up item for the rest of my life, blusher would be the winner – hands down. Perfect glowing skin is something all girls desire, but as we know, given the tiredness and hectic schedules most of us have in this modern life, the rosy cheek glow is not something that can always be naturally achieved. Here’s my easy to do 5 min tutorial on how to get this look which is a key trend for Spring 2014 that is set to last.

1) Apply a glowing base to get a clear, smooth canvas for your blush. I choose Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation which is my go to foundation for everyday use. It’s super easy to apply and can give you a flawless look if you’re on the go and in a rush – so no need for time consuming primers and foundation brushes – just apply with your fingertips like you would a moisturiser and you’re good to go.

2) Next, apply a light eye concealer all over your eyelids and up towards your brows. I recommend a BB eye cream such as B. Radiant BB under eye concealer – a Superdrug own brand which has truly impressed me. Now, in order to gain a natural glow, I then apply this under my eyes and down into my cheek area in a small triangle. This creates an illusion of luminosity in an instant and can be applied after a long day at work on top of your blush for extra glow.

3) I complete this look with a rosy pink blush. I cannot fault Barry M’s blushers and have been using this for at least 5 years. My favourite shade is raspberry and for under a fiver will last you up to one year – amazing value. To apply, I make a small fake smile and apply a small amount to the apples of my cheeks. The pigmentation in this blusher is very strong, so you only need a teeny bit on a large blusher brush. Then, with the remaining blush on my brush, I make fast, light strokes up towards my upper cheeks and cheekbone area – heading for your hairline. Use the highlighted area you created with the concealer as a guide and be sure to not go over this area.

The look you will be left with is a contoured cheek area that looks like it took hours to master yet can be created in a matter of minutes.

♥ Top Tips ♥

The right shade - In terms of choosing the right shade for you, go for a shade slightly darker than your cheeks are after a brisk walk. It’s so tempting to opt for a shade you love (such as nude or lilac) but these aren’t always the best for your skintone. I have tried so many variations of blush, including the 6 available from Barry M, but find the dark pinks are most natural and easily achieve that fake glow look.

Complimentary make up - When the focus of your make up is on the blusher, the rest of your makeup should be kept natural and plain. For a fully fresh-faced look, I simply add some lip balm or vaseline to my lips and lashings of mascara – minus the eyeshadow and liner.

Overdone it? – If you’re new to this look and put too much blush on to begin with, panic not. Simply add more foundation over the top of the blush to tone it down.

Cheat your age – Want to look younger instantly? Blush is the answer. Sadly, as you get older your natural blush diminishes – this is due to the ability of our blood to regenerate hemoglobin [which carries the oxygen and gives blood its colour]. By adding a small amount of natural fuchsia toned powder blush to the cheekbones, you will recapture your youth more so than adapting your eye make up.

The right application – The key to applying blush is to not be afraid of using colour. Swirl a large brush over the blush powder and dab it on the back of your hand to remove the instant colour that will naturally hit your skin. You will be left with just the right amount to get the flushed look every woman (and man!) wants. For a youthful flush, add the colour to the apples of your cheeks and even in towards the bridge of your nose where you naturally blush. For a more contoured, structured look just suck your cheeks in and sweep the brush from the apples of your cheeks up towards the hairline and outer corner of your eyes – just don’t go beneath the hollow area you see whilst sucking in your cheeks; leave that to bronzer for a totally different look.

Seriously girls, concentrating on your cheeks more so than your lips or eyes will obtain a more noticeable look and be sure to make heads turn ;)

The competition is open until 1st April, 2014 so any of you wanting to apply get your writing on. Good luck ladies and I hope my post helps you achieve the popular Spring trend that I can guarantee you will want to continue with over the years.

Here are some pics of me using this technique with various shades and different levels of blush and added shimmer eyeshadow for night x

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