My Dapper Dad

With Father’s Day fast approaching, I wanted to write a short post which not only celebrates the amazing man he is but gives him a chance to win a few little treats.

Say hi to Terry…


My Dad who is my bestest friend in the whole world! Terry is such good fun, but also has a level head with many inspirational bits of advice given to me over the years.

Someone who I can always go to with anything, good or bad, and most importantly, a Father who I am proud to say is mine.

Terry has always dressed smartly and I have fond memories of us both shopping when I was younger to buy each other outfits.

Cliche, but Terry always thinks and provides for others which means he doesn’t put himself first.

With this in mind, the Dapper Stag competition offers a chance for Terry to treat himself to a few smart pieces ahead of the summer.

Here are the pieces which I think he will choose. The man loves his stripes and blue is definitely his colour.

Dapper Dad Post

Shirt £60 For Terry to wear for work and as he joins us all for a family meal out.

Socks £7.50 As he really does have a thing for smart, stripey socks!

Jacket £125 To finish off any outfit and add a touch of style

Polo Shirt £30 For weekend, relaxing Dad! I can see Terry in this, chilling with a nice glass of red watching the sport on TV one Saturday!

Wish us luck :)

To find out how you could enter your Dad, click here.

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