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I am just in love with my new lashes :D Thanks to Bliss Beauty Salon in Leeds I was treated to a relaxing and outstanding LVL lash treatment which I now have every 6 weeks. If you’re new to LVL you can read all about it on the link at the end of this post. But first, let me explain…

I first went to Bliss salon when I moved close by to one of their salons back in 2003! The girls are so lovely and welcoming there, the surroundings are divine and the level of treatment and experience is second to none.

When Bev, the owner, asked me if I would like to review the LVL I of course jumped at the chance! Not a fan of false lashes (I just want to rip them off after half an hour!!) I still want to have big eyelashes so resort to thick black liquid eyeliner and plenty of mascara. My lashes are naturally jet black and fairly long. The problem I have is 1) my lashes tend to grow out horizontally rather than up and 2) when tired (most of the time!) my skin under my brows tends to hang over my eyelids giving a hooded effect. So, LVL sounded like the perfect fix!

The treatment is painless and rather relaxing; taking around 40 minutes. You lay on your back and the therapist (in my case it was Charlotte THE best therapist in Yorkshire as far as I am concerned) talks to you about your concerns and requests. This allows her to decide which shield is used to form the new lash shape – small, medium or large. In my case medium was chosen as small would have caused my lashes to bend right back into a right curl which is not what I wanted.

Silicone shields are placed on your eyelids after they have been thoroughly cleansed. These feel warm and comforting – almost like warm cotton pads have been placed on your eyes. These create the shape and are slightly sticky to allow each individual lash to adhere to it. The process of sticking the lashes to the shield was surprisingly quick (those of you used to eyelash perming, its half the time of that). Two lotions are then applied for 10 minutes each – one to create the curl and the other to set and condition. They also offer a tint which I decided to go for in a blue-black to match the new hair of mine!

We had a lovely chat whilst waiting for the lotions to do their thing! Charlotte was telling me all about a new facial named ‘Afternoon Tea’ by Heaven – used by royalty and channelling into your inner emotions and chakras. Sounds amazing! Anyone had that yet?

Once ready to remove, Charlotte simply peeled the lashes of the shield and slowly removed the shields from my eyelids – no pain whatsoever. I had kept my contact lenses in throughout the entire process too and they were in tact and no watering eyes or anything – marvellous!

I was sooooooooo shocked by the results – see below. I cannot stop looking at them :D

Before and after lvl lash treatment

For 24 hours I couldn’t get them wet or use any creams or anything. This is due to the lashes still setting in that shape so we don’t want to disturb them. I had it done at 2pm and when I woke the next day I did feel like there was a lot of dried ‘sleep’ in the corners of my eyes, so I gently dapped a cotton wool pad in water and swept around the eyes avoiding the lashes. All was perfect.

Today, 2 days later, I applied my usual black liquid liner and my Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara and wow! I look like a doll – in a good way :)

Please, ladies, try this out. I do not need to wear mascara now and even when I do I look like I have the biggest lashes in the universe. The thing I love the most is how awake I look all the time. It has truly lifted my eye area and stopped the hooded effect also. It’s recommended to have a top-up treatment 8-10 weeks after which I have already placed in my diary. A new addiction.

Thanks Bliss ladies & Nouveau Beauty Group for inventing such an amazing treatment x

Read all about their lash services here:

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