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Last month the lovely ladies at John Frieda sent me their Sheer Blonde range to try. Why you may ask? I have black hair. Well let me explain…

Although I have naturally black hair, I have been on a journey over the last 18 months to lighten my hair. I had a bit of a disaster two years back at my regular hairdressers when I went way too light on my highlights which resulted in orange/red tones which I have been toning down on a monthly basis with a range of products. Read more about this here.

The highlights have grown out but are slightly visible mid way. Now the summer is finally here, I want them to appear more obvious but am reluctant to go to the salon again. The John Frieda range is helping me get the hair I want, whist repairing it at the same time.

John Frieda Go Blonder

Let me start with my preferred shampoo and conditioner from the range: Go Blonder. Yes, it is marketed for blonde hair only, but as I already had my hair bleached (even if it was 2 years ago!) it definitely works on making those highlights brighter. I use these as regularly as everyday because they contain chamomile and natural ingredients meaning they are safe to do so. Although I don’t get an obvious colour change, my hair has been taken a shade lighter and the highlights glow a beautiful golden tone rather than bleached orange in the sunshine.

They also offer a highlight activating shampoo and conditioner aimed at darker blondes/light brown, which I have also tried and liked. However, the Go Blonder is what I am after for a more dramatic change. I do also use their Colour Renew shampoo and conditioner probably once – twice per month, as this controls the tone ensuring the dreading red tones don’t seep through as I am lightening.

Lightening Spray

Now, I have also been a bit naughty and bought myself the Go Blonder controlled lightening spray. This product says quite clearly not to be used on dark hair as it contains peroxide, so I cannot recommend this for us dark haired gals. But, for me personally, this works. I carried out a lot of research before I purchased and I only apply it to my previously bleached strands of hair and the ends – with the aim to gain a subtle ombre look. The product works with heat tools and gradually lightens within 3-5 uses. I have so far used this about 4 times, using on alternate days, and I haven’t seen a difference as yet. However, they say maximum lightening occurs after 10 uses so I shall continue use. Look out for updates on my Instagram profile.

The final products tried and tested are nourishing.

First up, a mask. Given I am using products which lighten my hair, it’s important to keep the moisture in. The Frizz Ease Intensive Mask is a trusted favourite I have used for years, but the Sheer Blonde Everlasting Deep Conditioner is replacing this at the moment. I use this probably once a fortnight, applying after shampooing and leaving on for about 10 minutes whilst I soak in a relaxing bubble bath. It leaves my hair silky soft – similar to the results after using Redken’s All Soft range which is triple the cost.

Hair OilFinally, a hair oil. Since hair oils became popular a couple of years back, I have tried probably 7-10 varieties. I have been disappointed in many, as they have left my hair heavy with no life or movement at all. Moroccanoil® is THE best out of all tried but it’s £30 a pop so is a once a year luxury for me I am afraid! The Sheer Blonde Brightening Oil Elixir has impressed me so much that it is replacing my Moroccanoil® at the moment. Light, nourishing and offers a high amount of shine after straightening my hair.


Overall, I just adore this range and have been using it daily for a good 3-4 months now. I’d be interested to hear of any similar hair concerns or lightening journeys, so share yours below x


Go Blonder Review

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