Tips for being productive

Tips For Being Organised And Productive

Sometimes, it seems like there is too much to do! Here are some tips on being organised and to ensure you have a productive day at the office.

Ensure you have a good nights rest

The obvious point – sleep. Although, when you’re busy in your waking life, you tend to have a busy mind the moment your head hits the pillow! I find that having a restful evening leads to a good sleep and relaxed mindset. Don’t feel you have to socialise each week night or do something. Some of the best evenings are getting home and having a warm bath, putting on your onesie, eating yummy food and reading a mag or watching your favourite program.

One thing that also helps which I really need to get better at, is not being active on your phone the second before you fall asleep. Do this, and your mind will be busy, I assure you!

Get up a little bit earlier

This is a difficult one for me personally! I come alive from about 4pm and 10pm so 6:45am alarms don’t make me a happy bunny. But if I know I have a particularly busy day ahead, I ensure I get up about 20 minutes earlier than I need to. It gives me time to eat breakfast at home rather than rushing it in the office, read a magazine for 10 minutes with a cuppa, even take a nice bath. This will make you feel more awake and ready to take on the day in a positive and productive way.

Set yourself goals you know you will achieve

Yes it would be nice to complete everything on your list, but be realistic. If you set yourself the objective to finish the lot, you will only get stressed and feel disappointed if you don’t. So, take a step back from your list, review it – even discuss it with your team – and set yourself realistic goals for each task.

Fully focus on one thing at a time

Most days, when I start writing my list of tasks to do for the day, it can feel overwhelming. The key here is to prioritise your work and choose one thing to concentrate 100% on. I used to panic and dip in and out of all tasks, but I felt I lost the quality of my work a little. So, select a specific task, complete it, tick it off your list and move on to the next.

Take regular breaks

This really does work you know. Many people I know don’t take breaks from their desk or even a lunch hour. I make sure I take a lunch break, even if it is just for 20 mins, each day and I feel refreshed as soon as I return to my desk. There have been days when I have worked through my lunch, some days you just have to, but I feel like I am going round in circles and not achieving anything. Small 2-3 minute breaks throughout the day also help, so make sure you pop to fill your water bottle and have a little chat with a colleague just for a few moments away from your tasks.

Do less to avoid stress

I know, sounds crazy right? But it’s amazing how much you achieve, and how well, if you don’t take too much on and concentrate on the job in hand. So try and do a little bit less in your working day and I promise you the results will be stronger and you will end the day feeling like you have accomplished something rather than going home tired and stressed.

Oh, and sugar fixes in the afternoon with your team really does help! Pass me the doughnuts!

What things do you find help you have a productive day? x

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