Tips on revamping your bedroom

I simply adore my bedroom. Girly, a little bit French and very me.

There are times when you fancy a change or revamp, for me it was just after breaking up from my boyfriend. Although the walls were already painted nude pink and grey with lots of girly accessories, I wanted to put my complete stamp on it. There’s nothing like a deep clean and a change to heal a broken heart :)

If you don’ t have much money to spend, like me, don’t worry; you can revamp your room with whatever budget you can spare. Here’s what I did…

Deep clean

Start by dedicating a whole afternoon to going through all your bits and bobs; from your makeup drawers to ornaments to those boxes hiding under your bed. Get some black sacks and place anything you’re just not bothered about anymore inside. You can decide whether to sell, donate to charity or give away. I got rid of 2 lack sacks full of stuff and it felt great. Then, put on your rubber gloves and clean everything. I swear by Zoflora disinfectant placed in a bowl of really hot water and a sponge. Clean the bed frame, skirting boards, dressing table, doors – everything.


If you can, just move things round a little. For me, it was simply bringing in the two white chairs I had in the dining area and placing them in the corners of my room either side of my bed. I added little grey pillows on each and it totally changed the look of my room – I love it!

New bedding

Not like me to mention Primark is it?! But their bedding is lush. A double quilt cover, complete with two pillowcases, only sets you back £12 and the quality is surprising good. I found a dusky pink which was just perfect for my room, as well as a floral number in the sale for £4!


This is where you will gain most impact. Take yourself to either a B&M store or The Range, and you will find cushions for £4-6 each and gorgeous throws from £3-15. I also got some lovely candles, ornaments and jewellery hanger all for under a fiver each.

If you have any tips or a post break-up decorating experience, please share in the comments below x

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