Vaseline Beauty Secrets

Most people use Vaseline as a go-to product for chapped lips and skin, as well as a nourishing treatment for eyelashes and removing make-up. But do you know all the Vaseline Beauty Secrets? Here, I reveal all…

  1. Mix with your fave bronzer for a subtle shimmer and glow
  2. Make your perfume last longer by applying to pulse points before spraying your fave scent
  3. Massage a generous amount to your feet before bed, wear socks & wake up to perfectly soft feet
  4. Use as a moisturiser for acne prone skin
  5. Melt with a chocolate chip in the microwave, mix and let solidify for homemade chocolate lip gloss
  6. Every night, smooth under each eye to keep wrinkles at bay
  7. Rub a small amount on your teeth to stop lipstick sticking to them
  8. Groom and set your eyebrows
  9. For any clothes stained with lipstick, apply Vaseline before washing and the stain will dissapear
  10. Apply to cheekbones as a natural highlighter
  11. Condition and protect your leather shoes  bags by applying a thin coat & buffing off gently
  12. Massage a tiny amount to ends of hair to stop them from looking dry
  13. Removes eyelash glue
  14. Rub into ear lobes if you’re having trouble inserting your earrings
  15. Prevent ingrown hairs by applying a bit of Vaseline after shaving
  16. Add to inner part of nail polish bottles to prevent the cap from sticking 
  17. Helps heal burns, scars and tattoos
  18. When applying fake tan, add to knuckles, elbows, heels and any other dry areas to stop them going orange
  19. Create your own coloured lip balm by mixing in a small tub with loose eyeshadow powder or glitter pigment
  20. As a foundation alternative, layer Vaseline with powder and repeat
  21. Apply to painted nails to restore shine
  22. Add salt and gently rub your lips to remove all dead skin and cure chapped lips
  23. Prevents hair colouring staining your face & neck
  24. Mix with a lipstick in your fingertips to create a matching creme blusher
  25. Remove waterproof eye make-up by gently rubbing and removing with cotton wool
  26. Use as a lip gloss
  27. Brighten your teeth by rubbing a small amount on teeth & gums


Which have you tried?


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