When there’s no time for a pedi!

Time goes so quickly doesn’t it?! Working hard, trying to fit in family and friends and just generally running around keeping your life admin up to date!

Before I knew it, it was May and a good 6 months since my last pedi. Urrgh. I literally have no time to book myself in, and with the sun finally coming out here in the UK and a holiday on the horizon, I just have to see to my feet!

Let me introduce you to a little lifesaver: SCHOLL DRY SKIN RECOVERY CREAM

Scholl Dry Skin Recovery Cream

This rich, intense cream turns your tired, hard-skinned feet into angelic, smooth footsies.

My feet aren’t the prettiest – my toes curl up so I keep them hidden away as much as I can! But I still like to have smooth skin and paint my nails each week. This cream is the perfect pick-me-up and transformed my hard skin on the balls of my feet within 24 hours.

I applied this to dry feet, after a lovely warming bath. I then put some nice fluffy socks on to maintain the moisture. A couple of nights of doing so, and the hard skin had miraculously disappeared.

I love the smell of this cream – not medically scented or bursting with tea tree, this cream smells slightly floral and nice and feminine.

Minimal effort and avoidance of the dreaded pumice stone which quite frankly gives me goosebumps :/ At a snazzy price of £5.99 it’s a summer beauty essential.

I’ll be using this each night in the run up to my summer holiday so I can bare with confidence on the beach!

Scholl have a great website with some fab beauty tips on there. See what’s new here: http://www.scholl.co.uk/home/foot-care/whats-new/



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